Nomadic Base is the transit zone of the airport, the uncomfortable cafe at the railway station, and those self-destructing chats in Telegram. The up-until-recently Murmansk-based Inversia festival has switched into a nomadic mode and will now invite people to their transit bar in the very centre of Kirkenes. Laboratories and workshops explore the outer space of the border town, evening performances transition to nightly experiments with sound and moving images, while morning sessions will help ground everyone who wants to calm their puzzle-headed thoughts and feelings for a while.

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist and composer working in the field in between the art and the experimental music scene. In the Nomadic bar Alexander presents a joint audiovisual performance, in collaboration with a visual artist 1999Q, based on field audio and video recordings collected at different times in the coastal area of Kirkenes.

Anna Prilutskaya is an artist, photographer, co-founder of a project that is working with a user microbiome — iBiom. At the Nomadic Base exhibition programme Anna presents the Train Yakutskiy video game, the project recreates an experience of travelling by train throughout decaying Soviet legacy in one of the northern regions.

Rothwick Patoy is a media artist of migratory northern identity who mostly works with digital art and graphics. At the Nomadic Bar the artist presents an algorithmic installation, which in real time synthesises the traumatic experience of the last 12 months since of the outbreak of war.

Every day, Puppet Masters gathers everyone for morning sessions. For those who saved some energy from the evening and night programme, welcome to the sessions of contact improvisation, a master class of making traditional dolls and a morning rave.

The duo of Marina Karpova and Darya Boldyreva will continue the manifestation of hydrofeminism in the format of a sound performance. Ice musical instruments, field recordings, hydrophones and vocals are in the night programme. 

A visual artist 1999Q in collaboration with a sound artist Sergey Kostyrko presents Caramel Factory, radio play about the sweet memories of a grown-up resident of an industrial monotown in the Far North. It is a performative confession in several chapters, where text is mixed with field recordings, and modular synths intensify the nauseating taste of burnt sugar.

Rustling, ringing, crunching, squeaking and crackling of found and hand-made objects are all in a performance by Maria Komarova. Objects lose their original qualities, forming their own soundscape, immersing the viewer in the world of one-eyed sirens, lemon tadpoles, red tigers and plastic beetles.

Field recording laboratory is aimed for emerging and professional artists and sound enthusiasts and is curated by media artist and musical instruments engineer Boris Shershenkov. The participants will have an opportunity to make a synesthetic research of the light environment of Kirkenes with the help of special custom devices and become performers of a cartographic play as a final public presentation.

Shoplift is a duo of artists from Cologne who are both comfortable working on their own art projects and on large-scale works for festivals, theatrical productions and commercial companies. Shoplift presents a textile installation and develops a visual style for the elements of the Nomadic Bar.

Engineer and media artist Philip Guzeev, who works with sound and tries to conceptualise a digital space and technologies in the real world. This time, as part of the Nomadic Base exhibition programme, Philip presents a quadraphonic guided meditation on the sky.

Every evening at the Nomadic Bar you will find atmospheric DJs and live sets. From atmospheric ambient and soul at the beginning of the evening to mutated electronics and female reggae closer to midnight. Vera Dvale, Symphocat, 3_a, Alex Arcticsoul, frailtynine and Gregor Pankert will present their exquisite compilations.